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The world of electronics is within every aspect of our daily lives. Behind every electronic device lies microchip technology. Today integrated circuits and systems are designed with high complexity while meeting demands for low power, performance and low cost.

These microchip designs are possible only with advanced electronic design automation (EDA) software tools. Advanced EDA software enables efficient complex designs of hardware and mobile systems. We provide analysis EDA software for today's microchips to meet performance, reliability, and power demands.

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Our Services

First time right design

AlphaEDA Consulting Services can ensure you are meeting your design specifications and performance. Our consulting team provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current design process with a roadmap for improvement; or complete installation, set up, deployment and optimization of our enterprise-wide analysis software.


Product Development SI Assessment

We will audit your product development process and SI analysis practices and help create a vision for your design needs by comparing the assessment findings with industry best practices to identify areas where you could be using ours and other parties technology more effectively. This analysis will be used to develop an improvement roadmap aligned with your key business initiatives and critical success factors.

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PuZPiX is a social media game, where a user posts pictures to friends or to the user base and the recipients may solve the posted pictures as puzzles with a designated time to assemble the puzzle in order to capture a score.. As a user’s puzzle skills improve, the system automatically increases puzzle challenge levels.

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Our EDA Technology

Epsilon is an EDA software tool that enables IC designers to detect and correct reliability IC layout errors early during the design stage. Epsilon mitigates the risk when time to market is of the essence by verifying performance..

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Superior Customer Support

AlphaEDA is committed to ensure the highest quality customer support whether you are new to SI or are a highly-skilled specialist. We provide the training, consulting services and support you need to design your projects and do it irst-time-right

From design customization and optimization, to technical support and training, our services are designed to address the unique needs of your organization so you have access to resources when and where you need them.

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