Intelligent Systems

Alpha EDA enables integrated circuits and electronic products companies to develop better products, faster! Our innovative, intelligent products and solutions help developers to overcome design challenges in the increasingly complex worlds of chip design. Alpha EDA intelligent technology is aimed to assist our daily lives within the fields of medicine, communication and IoT.

Medical Field

AlphaEDA offers medical insights with its Hippocrates AI technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is computer science that uses algorithms, heuristics, pattern matching, rules, deep learning and cognitive computing to approximate conclusions without direct human input. By using AI, researchers can take on complex problems that would be difficult – or almost impossible – for humans to solve. Because AI can identify meaningful relationships in raw data, it can be used to support diagnosing, treating and predicting outcomes in many medical situations. AI has the potential to be applied in almost every field of medicine including drug development, patient monitoring and personalized patient treatment plans.
Artificial Intelligence is patterned after the brain’s neural networks. It uses multiple layers of non-linear processing units to “teach” itself how to understand data – classifying the record or making predictions. AI can synthesize electronic health record (EHR) data and unstructured data to make predictions about patient health. For instance, AI software can quickly read a retinal image or flag cases for follow up when multiple manual reviews would be too cumbersome. Doctors benefit from having more time and concise data to make better patient decisions.
AlphaEDA provides EDA computer programs that are especially designed to architecture microchips for the medical field. An AI microchip has to be designed with specific criteria and approach to become a key factor of medical apparatus. Machines like MRI, CT and Ultrasound depend on computing power, given by unique integrated circuits. Enabling application specific design guidelines and assistance, AlphaEDA aims to become a leader in the medical EDA technology. Our state-of-the-art programs will help make medical oriented chips more efficient, with higher performance and reliability. When dealing with medical apparatus, reliability is a key factor. Life may depend on it.